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Ben is a musician, sound designer, and multimedia artist. He has composed works for film, theatre, and specializes in developing multi-channel audio installations - working on projects for hospitals, fashion shows, and public transit. He has produced multiple conceptually driven audio and video installations in three, five, and eight speaker arrangements. Ben’s work uses sound to manipulate physical spaces creating engaging and kinetic experiences for audiences. His works have been shown in City Halls and private galleries alike, and his installations have tackled themes of religious pluralism, bleeding-edge technology, and the therapeutic qualities of sound.


Under his Cabaal and eponymous monikers, he has performed throughout North America, and released six LP/EPs. Ben holds an MA in European Studies (Carleton University) with a focus on international migration, and a BA in Religious Studies (Carleton University), and is a graduate from the Red Bull Music Academy (New York, USA).

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